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Billing and Payment for Clients

Anytime injury strikes, whether personal or on the job, it can be overwhelming. Here is some important advice highlighting billing and payment for injury clients of McCarron Law Firm.
  • Always bring in all bills to my office.  Different hospitals have different billing procedures.  Sometimes the emergency room doctors bill will be included with the hospital ER bill, other times the ER doctor will bill separately.  It is sometimes impossible for my office to know whether the doctor’s bill is included in the hospital bill unless you bring in all of the bills you have received and are aware of. 

    This is the case even if health insurance, Medicare or some other third party has paid that bill.  Whoever paid that bill will likely have a claim against you for repayment out of the settlement.  Accordingly, all bills need to be sent to my office regardless of whether they are paid or unpaid.

  • If the responsible party is not paying for your medical treatment, have your health insurance company, Medicare, IDPA card, med pay from your auto insurance pay or other third party pay the bill.  Always make sure you indicate that it is caused by the accident but let them know your bill is being denied.  Often times they will pay the bill and ask for reimbursement once the case is settled.  It is almost always to your advantage to have the medical bills paid by these third parties rather than having unpaid medical bills at the time of settlement.
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Wednesday, 21 October 2020

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