We're living in unprecedented times. We're spending more times in our homes than ever before, most businesses are closed, and toilet paper has become a rare commodity. McLean county is resilient and will band together to keep as many businesses open as possible. Supporting local businesses is more important now than it has ever been. While Covid-19 continues to affect the world as we know it, we can be grateful that in McLean County we are not being hit as hard as other areas. 

Covid-19 in McLean County:
As we enter May 2020, McLean County has 94 confirmed cases that have resulted in 3 deaths. Well over half of the cases have affected people 40 years and older. While this is not close to being over, more businesses are slowly being able to open even if it's just for video appointments or curbside service. 

Our Essential Workers:
Not everyone is home. Medical staff, grocery store workers, and attorneys are among the many essential workers who continue to go in so we can have the things that are needed for society to continue to function. 

McCarron Law Firm is open:
Attorneys are essential. McCarron Law Firm has remained open throughout this crisis to ensure any and all of your legal needs will be met if needed. We have representatives standing by, ready to schedule take calls and schedule appointments 24 hours a day, 7-days a week. We're scheduling appointments via phone and video conferencing to ensure that your needs can always be met. 

If you're in need of legal advice right now, Joe McCarron is here for you! Joe has over 20 years of experience in McLean County and focuses heavily in personal injury, worker's compensation, and social security disability Schedule a free consultation and talk with us or call us at (309) 820-1010. We stay open for our community!