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Rear-End Collisions in Central Illinois

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Throughout Central Illinois, the Midwest, and America, rear-end collisions happen every day.

The consequences that can range from minor damage to the vehicle to injuries that are life-changing. It is important, after a rear-end crash injury occurs, to establish liability and obtain fair compensation. These are complex issues and an experienced lawyer is required to handle such cases.

At McCarron Law Firm in Bloomington, we have handled these personal injury cases and have helped many people involved in rear-end collisions recover compensation. The most important thing to do after being injured in a rear-end collision is to get the medical treatment you need. You should also be concerned about the protection of your legal rights.

Rear-End Collision Attorney in Bloomington

Many rear-end collisions are caused by overly aggressive and distracted driving. Vehicles are supposed to maintain a safe following distance, and be prepared to stop in the event of an emergency. In these cases, the fault lies with the driver who hit the other vehicle from behind. Insurance companies, however, try to mitigate damages by claiming that a "short stop" left the trailing driver no time to react or try to describe the crash as a low-impact accident to minimize the damage and your personal injury claim compensation.

The most common injuries that happen in rear-end collisions are neck and back injuries, including whiplash, which results from sudden and unexpected forward movement. Knee and ankle injuries can also happen when drivers and passengers brace against the impact with their legs. It is important to get an experienced lawyer involved as soon as possible.

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For more information about rear-end collisions, contact McCarron Law Firm in Bloomington, Illinois. Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION and talk with us about your situation. Call us at 309-820-1010 or toll free at 800-488-7661.

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