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Hiring an Attorney for Personal Injury & Workers Compensation

When should I consult an attorney?

Since the initial consultation is free and you never owe any fee unless you recover, I highly recommend you consult a lawyer as soon as you are injured.

Often there is evidence that should be protected right away. By not consulting an attorney early on, you may jeopardize your rights. There is no reason to give the insurance company's lawyer the advantage of advance preparation and not allow your own attorney the same benefit. Remember, the claims adjusters are paid to minimize what they pay out. It's their job. Moreover, during the course of your treatment, your lawyer will be able to give you advice so that issues do not arise which will lead to a premature termination of your benefits. 

Like other areas of law, there are certain delays that can occur. By having an attorney who is familiar with the Act, he or she can foresee what will need to be done and take action to mitigate those delays. In sum, consulting a lawyer as soon as possible is the most reasonable thing to do.

How much will I have to pay an attorney?

ALL INITIAL CONSULTATIONS ARE FREE. Under Illinois law, workers' compensation attorneys can only charge a fee of up to 20 percent of the benefits that they help you receive. McCarron Law Firm does not take a 20 percent fee for benefits the employer is already paying under the Act. Furthermore, since the initial consultations are free, it is in an injured worker's best interests to consult an attorney for his or her claim.

What else should I consider in deciding what attorney to hire?

The procedure followed in a workers' compensation claim is not like other areas of law. Accordingly, it is important to hire an attorney who is familiar with these unique laws and procedure.

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