Semi-Truck or Truck Accident

Truck Accident Compensation Attorney Joe McCarron Can Handle Your Case

Truck, Semi-trucks, and tractor-trailers accidents can result in serious personal injury. In these situations, it is especially important to have an accomplished lawyer on your side who will protect your right to compensation. Central Illinois lawyer Joe McCarron has more than 20 years of experience serving clients in Bloomington IL, and fights to help his clients obtain the compensation they need to pay for their recovery, ongoing care needs, and other expenses. Learn more about Joe, and contact him today for a free, honest, and straightforward assessment of your case.

Trucking Safety

Trucking is a tough occupation, with sheer time on the road increasing the likelihood of a crash or collision. While there are many reasons that truck accidents occur, some of the most common causes of these events include:

Defective Equipment (including Brakes and Tires)

Unsafe Road Conditions

Road Construction

Driver Fatigue


Overscheduling by Trucking Companies

As an experienced Bloomington, IL trucking accidents attorney, Joe can build effective cases no matter what caused your accident. He uses his advanced litigation skills and insightful negotiation techniques to address your injury or financial challenges due to the accident and delivers results no matter how severely you are injured. Often, truck accidents will result in injuries such as:

Broken Bones

Paralysis, including Paraplegia or Quadriplegia

Amputation of Limbs

Severe Damage to Internal Organs

Spine, Back and Neck Injuries

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)

Large Lacerations

Joint Dislocations, Ligament Damage or Tendon Tears

In addition to these and other injuries caused by truck accidents, Joe McCarron is an experienced wrongful death attorney. He can represent you with excellence when a loved one has been killed in an accident. In these wrongful death cases, Joe works tirelessly to obtain the justice you and your family need. Although compensation can't bring your loved one back, it can make it easier for you to move forward with your life while continuing to honor the memory of your loved one and the legacy they've left behind.

Schedule a free consultation with Joe McCarron and talk with us about your situation or call us at 309-820-1010.

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