Back, Spine, and Neck Injuries

Back, Spine, and Neck Injuries

Accidents that result in neck and back injuries can change your life forever. At McCarron Law Firm, attorney Joe McCarron provides you with the personal attention and experienced representation required to handle serious back, neck, and spinal injury cases. Joe has practiced personal injury and workers' compensation law in Central Illinois since 1996. Today, McCarron Law Firm's spinal injury clients benefit from Joe's expertise, local accessibility, and results-oriented case handling.

As Bloomington-Normal's personal injury attorney, Joe McCarron handles cases involving serious spinal cord injury, upper and lower back injury as well as neck injury. It's common for us to see clients who suffer from spinal trauma caused by a car accident. We also see many clients who suffer lower back injuries from lifting. From whiplash injury to compression fractures through complex back surgeries and recovery, our goal is to ensure that you will gain tremendous comfort in our services that will work to offer you the maximum compensation possible.

While each case is quite unique, common back, neck, and spine injuries include:

  • Herniated Discs and Bulging Discs. Disc are pads that cushion the vertebra; each has a central soft component that, when ruptured, is referred to as a herniated disc. When the inner nucleus of the disc remains contained but has leaked out of the nucleus, this is referred to as a bulging, slipped, or protruding disc.
  • Whiplash is caused by car accidents, injuries, and trauma, where the head and neck has been forced rapidly backward and forward. This can cause pain and injury to the muscles, nerves, ligaments, discs, and bones.
  • Pinched Nerve causing weakness, numbness, problems with incontinence. Clients with back injuries often have other physical issues that are both painful and problematic.
  • Transverse Process Fractures this is a break in one or more of the wing-like bones within the vertebra in the spine.
  • Fractured or Crushed Vertebra. Whether due to an accident, age, or disease, the pain with these conditions is quite real. It's common to see our patients diagnosed with compression fractures and/or burst fractures that are often the result of a car, truck, or motorcycle accident.
  • Cervical dislocation occurs when adjoining spine bones become separated and unstable, usually from a ligament injury in the neck region.
  • Flexion-Distraction Injury occurs when something disrupts the posterior and middle spinal columns, this can cause damage. Chance fractures, known as seat belt fractures, are caused when the spine flexes and extends with too much force.
  • Tears and Ruptures. Accidents and trauma can cause many types of physiological conditions. It's common for us to see individuals with rotator cuff tears, ACL tears, torn meniscus, or misc. ruptures or tears in various parts of the body.
  • Paralysis – Paraplegics, or individuals who have lost the use of their legs, and people with quadriplegia who have been paralyzed in all four limbs count on the Joe's expertise, sensitivity, and professionalism.

As we work with clients, many are in various medical intervention and treatment stages. Common interventions among our clients include:

  • Spinal Fusion Surgery connects vertebrae in your spine; works to reduce pain, increase stability, and repair after spinal injury.
  • Discectomy works to remove the herniated portion of a disc that is pressing on a nerve, relieving pressure and pain. This is also often called microdiscectomy, percutaneous discectomy, lumbar discectomy, herniated disc surgery, or decompression surgery.
  • Laminectomy, where a part of the bone is cut away to relieve pain or pressure on the spine. Verebroplasty and kyphoplasty are similar procedures that treat vertebral compression fractures.
  • Physical Therapy is often an important part of recovery and healing. This may be coupled with occupational therapy that works to gain everyday practical functioning back for our clients.

We can't heal you, but we can work to recover your medical costs and gain you ideal compensation – for everything you may have lost. This may be your health, mobility, freedom, and even your time. We don't offer false promises; instead – you'll have direct and professional expertise that will get you results.

Joe McCarron looks forward to meeting you – at his office or even in the hospital if needed.

Joe will walk you step-by-step through all of your legal options offering advice and counsel. He also has an in-depth understanding of the tools and procedures that health care professionals use to treat these injuries. This knowledge is used to create powerful arguments on behalf of McCarron Law Firm's clients, and to help them know what to expect when they talk to a doctor.

Many of our clients who have been injured in an accident suffer from back, spine, and neck injuries. We have an in-depth understanding of how to effectively handle cases involving these injuries and have the resources for our clients to win these settlements. Don't wait, don't worry, just call. 309-820-1010

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