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Back, Neck and Spinal Injury

Joe McCarron Wins Personal Injury Cases Where The Back, Neck, and Spine Have Been Injured

Accidents that result in neck and back injuries can change your life forever. At McCarron Law Firm, attorney Joe McCarron provides your case with the personal attention and experienced representation needed in these high-stakes situations. Joe has practiced law in Central Illinois since 1996. Today, McCarron Law Firm's spinal injury clients benefit not only from Joe's extensive experience, but also from his dedication to providing legal services that are effective, honest, and results-oriented.

McCarron Law Firm is known for offering innovative representation and has a reputation for success in back and neck injury matters. The favorable results we obtain for clients are a large reason why our firm has grown mainly through referrals from our satisfied clients. Take a moment to review testimony from satisfied clients.

Bloomington back injuries attorney Joe McCarron is able to assist with personal injury and workers' compensation cases involving all types of neck and back injuries, including:

Axial Burst Fracture

Bulging Disk

Cervical Dislocation


Back Strain

Compression Fracture

Crushed Vertebrae

Flexion/Distraction Fracture

Fractured Vertebrae

Herniated Disc

Lower Back Injuries

Nerve Route Impingement

Paralysis — Paraplegia

Paralysis — High and Low Quadriplegia

Pinched Nerves

Slipped Disc

Spinal Cord Injuries

Transverse Process Fractures

Upper Back Injuries



The most important thing you can know after suffering a back or neck injury is that you have options. Joe will walk you step-by-step through all of your legal options offering advice and counsel. He also has an in-depth understanding of the tools and procedures that health care professionals use to treat these types of injuries. This knowledge is used to create powerful arguments on behalf of McCarron Law Firm's clients, and to help them know what to expect when they talk to a doctor.

Many of our clients who have been injured in an accident suffer from back and neck injuries. We have an in-depth understanding of how to try cases involving these injuries, and have resources for our clients to win these settlements.

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