Common Workers' Compensation Benefits

  • TEMPORARY TOTAL DISABILITY: You will receive temporary total disability compensation (TTD) which is fixed at 66.67% of the employee's gross average weekly wage, subject to certain variable maximums and minimums.Temporary total disability payments begin after the employee is unable to return to work for three working days. If the disability continues 14 days or longer, the employer will also be required to pay for the first three days the employee is off work.
  • MEDICAL BILLS COVERAGE: The employee is entitled to choose a doctor to treat his or her work-related injury. Furthermore, workers' compensation must pay for treatment from doctors to which the patient is referred by his original choice. Emergency room and first aid care are not considered a choice of doctor by the injured worker.
  • PERMANENT DISABILITY COMPENSATION: This benefit is for any permanent effects from the injury. Which body part is affected and the extent of the injury to that body part will determine how much compensation is to be paid. For example: If the employee is injured so that he or she cannot work at his or her present job, he or she is entitled to two-thirds of the difference in his or her wages for the remainder of the disability for a set amount of time. If an employee is permanently and totally disabled, he or she has the option to receive two-thirds of his or her wages for life. There are also different benefit valuations based on the body part affected for less serious injuries.
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