Seatbelt Laws in Central Illinois

In Illinois, a seat belt violation in considered a primary offense, meaning that a police officer can pull you over for not wearing a seat belt. Like other violations, not wearing a seat is penalized through fines. To enforce Illinois' "Click it or Ticket" campaign, officers specifically look for drivers and passengers who are not wearing a seat belt, in the hopes that ticketing will emphasize seat belt safety and the seriousness of not following the law.

Illinois became a primary seat belt state in 2003. According to a 2008 article at, "Illinois traffic fatalities have been the lowest since 1924, and seat belt usage is up to 90%. As of 2012, seat belt usage had risen even further to 93.6%, with the percentage of users continuing to increase. Seat belt usage is important to remember each and every time you get into a vehicle.

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