Evidence and Insurance in Personal Injury Cases

Gathering Evidence

In personal injury cases, it is extremely important that a lawyer be contacted as soon as possible. In many cases, valuable evidence will be lost if there is a delay in documenting what happened.

If it is a car accident, your car or the other car involved may have damage repaired that could destroy evidence of how the collision occurred. Even debris from the accident on the street or skid marks on the road may be lost shortly after the accident. If you do not contact a lawyer to document the accident through photos or videos, it may be more difficult, or even impossible, to prove your case in court.

Moreover, by contacting McCarron Law Firm immediately, we may be able to speak with witnesses of the automobile collision and/or other event causing your injury before the insurance company takes statements from them with their own spin on the issues.

Dealing With Insurance Adjusters

Further, we always advise clients not to speak with insurance adjusters, but instead have correspondence and information go through my office. Everything you say to an insurance adjuster is admissible in court. Our concern is not that you would be dishonest, but we've found that regardless of someone's integrity, the more recorded statements he or she gives, the more insurance companies can claim to find inconsistencies in those statements. Under Illinois Law when a lawsuit is filed, the insurance company or the other lawyer involved is entitled to take your deposition.


In sum, you should keep in mind that immediately after you are injured, the other party and his or her insurance company will have access to lawyers, and they may be taking actions immediately after the accident in an attempt to minimize the amounts you will later be able to prove in damages. You should not give them this advantage.

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