The Importance of Medical Treatment Following an Injury

 Anytime injury strikes, whether personal or on the job, it can be overwhelming. Here is some important advice highlighting medical treatment for injury clients of McCarron Law Firm.

  • Obtain all of your medical treatment as soon after your date of injury as possible. The longer you delay any treatment, the more likely the insurance company will allege your injury/treatment is not related to the accident at issue.

  • It is important that you attend and receive all of the treatments and medications prescribed by your doctor. To the extent that you do not avail yourself to the treatment prescribed by your doctor, the opposing attorney or insurance company will most likely indicate that you are not really injured. They will argue that if you were really injured, you would avail yourself to all treatment options offered by your physicians. In worker compensation cases the insurance company may even terminate temporary total disability payments due to lack of cooperation with your medical provider.

  • Always ask your doctors to address what work restrictions you have. Even if you are not currently employed, it is important that your doctors affirmatively indicate what work restrictions you are under.
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