4 Causes of Quadriplegic Injuries


Quadriplegia is the paralysis of all four limbs and often the torso as a result of damage to the spinal cord. The spinal cord's job is to send signals to the brain for it to process and interpret. If the spinal cord is damaged, it is unable to send these signals to the brain, resulting in paralysis.

How Does Quadriplegia Happen?

1. Auto/Motorcycle Accidents
Car, truck, and motorcycle accidents often involve high speeds and blunt force, which can cause more severe spinal cord injuries. Over 17,000 new spinal cord injuries occur each year, with approximately 39% of those injuries resulting from an auto accident.

2. Sports/Recreational Activities
Sports with the highest risk for quadriplegia are diving, football, hockey, wrestling, skiing, and cheerleading. Sports-related injuries account for about 8% of spinal injuries each year.

3. Violence
Gunshot and stabbing wounds account for a high number of quadriplegia cases. Men are most commonly the victims of quadriplegia when it comes to violence.

4. Falling
Falls can cause major spinal damage. Falling off of ladders, buildings, and stairs are common accidents that can cause quadriplegia. Many of these situations are due to workplace accidents commonly reported at construction sites and in manufacturing warehouses.

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