Steps You Should Take When Personally Injured

  •  Contact a Lawyer Immediately: Bloomington personal injury attorney Joe McCarron can help you understand exactly what you should do to give yourself the best chance of recovering compensation. He will also help you understand what to expect during the various stages of personal injury cases, from depositions to jury trials and everything in between.
  • Seek Medical Care: In all cases, it is vital to protect your health. If you are injured at your workplace, advise your doctor that you are seeking treatment under workers' compensation.
  • Record Lost Wages and/or Earnings: You should keep an accurate record of all days lost from work because of your injuries.
  • Record Complaints and Progress: This daily or weekly log will help you remember what activities you were able to do before the accident and what activities you can no longer do or can only do in a modified way after the accident. This is very beneficial at trial, which might not occur for months after your injury.
  • Hold Off on Car Repairs: Do not have your automobile repaired until Joe has had a chance to obtain pictures or video of the vehicle. You should only have your car repaired after you have confirmed with Joe himself that it is okay to do so.
  • Don't Plead Guilty to Traffic Offenses: Never plead guilty to any traffic offenses, and if you are arrested in connection with an accident, call Joe's office immediately. In the event of a coroner's inquest, or other type of hearing, be sure to notify our office so that we will be able to represent you in connection with it.
  • Offer Witness Information: Immediately supply Joe with the correct names, addresses and telephone numbers of any and all witnesses of which you may be aware.
  • Save Medical Apparatuses: If your injury requires a cast, brace, traction or other apparatus, save it for evidence at trial. You should notify Joe that you are keeping it, and when the case is set for hearing, be sure to bring the item with you.
  • Share Photographs: Send or drop off any negatives, prints or digital files of the photographs pertaining to your case. If at any time you are required to be in the hospital and are receiving any type of treatment that can be photographed, please notify Joe immediately so he can assign an investigator to take the photos for you.
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